Filmscreening of Demain: Event Review by Daniela Castaño

Attending the film event organized by HDRI was not only personally enriching but also encouraging for all attendees that day. The opportunity to gather among so many different nationalities and cultural origins allowed us to share many different points of view centering on a goal: create change to achieve sustainability for the future. In the end, I was glad and really surprised because no matter where we came from or what perception of reality we had, our conclusions were similar.

All of us, young students and workers of the future, are focused on working towards inclusive and sustainable practices that initiate at the local level. The conclusion of giving priority to bottom-up strategies shows how our world is changing and how we might achieve long lasting sustainability. We realized with the film and the discussion that local leaders and local change creates a domino effect that can change the world. Thank you very much to the team that made this possible and I look forward to attending the next event. 


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