Deradicalization and the Role of Education

HDRI Education – Deradicalization and the Role of Education

This semester, HDRI Education team organized a project that involves interviews with academics and professionals working in the field of education. Our interviews, which provide a lens into the role of education as a means of deradicalization, will be incorporated into our research outcomes and published soon on this website.

Our major interview questions include:

Have you conducted any research on radicalization? What were your results?
What do you know about the link between education and radicalization?
What strategies are there in place in Paris, in France and in Europe on this respect?
How can we measure the success or failure of de-radicalization programs?
If you could design a de-radicalization program to be implemented in schools, how would you construct it?

Please stay tuned for HDRI Education team’s research outcome!


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