Coming Soon: First Report of the Migrations Research Group

“CAOs (Centre d’accueil et d’orientation) have become the focus of both praise and criticism. Some claim that the centers are a bastion for stranded migrants living in undignified conditions in refugee camps, while others claim that the mismanagement of the camps and their failure to communicate clearly with other French agencies have led to many migrants leaving the centers to return to the unauthorized camps. Others, such as advocacy groups and various NGO’s, claim that in many cases the processes surrounding the CAO’s have impeded upon numerous individual’s human rights.”

This quote from the upcoming first report of the Migrations team shows well the underlying issues with CAOs. In order to contextualize the research focus of the team, the report provides an overview of the relevant theoretical literature and international and French policy surrounding the centers.

Stay tuned to see the whole report and check out this wikipedia page – created by the members – to know more about CAOs:’accueil_et_d’orientation_(CAO)


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