The Visual Narrative of Urban Governance and Sustainability

On April 6, HDRI held its first big campaign event – a photo exhibition sharing the “visual narratives” of the research being pursued within all three research groups.  The Urban Governance and Sustainability Research Group chose to showcase innovative and participatory initiatives led by local communities that contribute to the sustainable development of Paris, namely, La Cagette des EtudiantsParis en Selle (in conjunction with Paris Budget Participatif), La RecyclerieLes Jardins du Ruisseau, and Le Centre Pompidou.  Each of these initiatives touch on at least one of the larger themes within sustainability that will be discussed by the research group in its final report (i.e. local governance, agriculture, energy, waste management, education, infrastructure, and social equality).

The event, which included an auction of the photographs, was a success. It drew a wonderful crowd and sparked interesting conversation on the work of HDRI.  All but two of the eighteen photographs were sold through the auction with the highest bid going to the photograph of La Recyclerie (featured image), taken by Niya Shekerova.


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