HDRI presents its new team!

After two-months of active recruitment among fellow intellectuals at Sciences Po, the Human Development Research Initiative (HDRI) is proud to launch its team for the year 2017-2018.

The HDRI team, working under a brand-new strategy, will be structured into 3 overarching teams: the Research Teams (Climate, Education, Global Risks, the Inclusivity Lab, Social Wellbeing, and Urban Governance and Sustainability), the Strategic Watch Team, and the Advocacy Team.

We are glad to welcome the new members to these teams, and to introduce them for the first time to the HDRI e-community!

In the Climate Team:

  • Maria Myridinas, Research Coordinator
  • Racela Therese Abundo, Researcher
  • Hafid Ait Sidi Hammou, Researcher 
  • Ramona Bloj, Researcher
  • Tamsyn Lonsdale-Smith, Researcher
  • Thibault Fournol, Researcher
  • Regina Diaz, Researcher

In the Social Well-Being Team:

  • Joaquín Carcelas, Research Coordinator 
  • Daniela Dos Santos Quaresma, Researcher
  • Louise Bacquet, Researcher 
  • Megan Meek O’connor, Researcher
  • Veera Mo, Researcher
  • Jorge Vasquez, Researcher
  • Hendrik Von Schlieben, Researcher 
  • Niya Shekerova, Researcher

In the Inclusivity Lab Team:

  • Giorgia Davidovic, Research Coordinator
  • Renske Buisman, Researcher 
  • Ainara Fernandez Tortosa, Researcher
  • Georgia Kyrkou, Researcher
  • Simren Herm-Singh, Researcher

In the Global Risks Team:

  • Olympe Mattei, Research Coordinator
  • Domenico Carofiglio, Researcher 
  • M’mo Kouassi, Researcher
  • Gawie Kanjemba, Researcher
  • Sonam Kotadia, Researcher
  • Theo Van der Merwe, Researcher

In the Education Team

  • Germán Vargas, Research Coordinator
  • Dominik Loak, Researcher

In the Strategic Watch Team

  • Cloé Chastel, Strategic Watcher
  • Fiona Noudjenoume, Strategic Watcher
  • Vasiliki Malouchoukanellopoulou, Strategic Watcher
  • Sarah Thompson, Strategic Watcher
  • Lisa Jansen, Strategic Watcher
  • Sofia Morgavi, Strategic Watcher

In the Advocacy Team:

  • Hannah Bettsworth, Campaigner 
  • Chiara Falduto, Community Manager
  • Jingying Han, Campaigner

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