LGBT+ Communities and Inclusive Policies: What are the Key Challenges in Paris?

In recent years, Paris has demonstrated a strong commitment to supporting LGBT residents as well as visitors, with the ambition of becoming “the capital of LGBT tourism and inclusion”. By signing in 2015 the “Charte d’Engagement LGBT”, the City of Paris has confirmed its intention to fight discrimination and homophobia within its institutions. Furthermore, by joining the Rainbow Cities Network, Paris has also committed to actively participate in the support of LGBTI communities internationally. These strong actions show the will of Paris to fight against the discrimination of the LGBT population, although there is of course still room for further improvement along with the necessity to face the diverging opinions of some groups within the society. In fact, while overall recognition of LGBT rights and needs has increased in France in recent years, the promulgation of new laws aimed at enhancing equality and inclusion of LGBT citizens has led to major opposition, giving rise to demonstrations and opposition movements.

By: Ana Relinque López & Renske Buisman

Published on November 11, 2017


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