HDRI Roundtable ・ Migrating Together Towards a More Resilient City

HDRI is thrilled to announce its upcoming round table, “Migrating together towards a more resilient city”.

As a component of our campaign this year, the round table will be a reflection on current migration trends within the context of an increasingly more resilience-conscious Paris.

It will pull on the expertise of academics, public officials and civil society actors, spurring a discussion on innovative solutions and policy recommendations to better respond to current needs and to foster solidarity and urban resilience at local scale.

Among our excellent panel of speakers is Moano Dadou, the founder of Refuhelp France. This initiative, co-initiated by refugees, was the winner of Techfugees’ 2017 Hackathon and is currently working on an application dedicated to refugees.


a hdri-led roundtable-2



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