Our last word on the Social Innovation Competition 2019

Months of hard work later, on the 12th April 2019, the first edition of the Social Innovation Competition, which took place at Sciences Po Paris, was a success!

The purpose of this event was to highlight how important education is in shaping societies, individuals and the future of our world. We have brought together professors, professionals and students to prepare the latter to become the policy-makers and innovators of tomorrow.

We want to thank our challenging jury members, Mark West (Education Specialist at the UNESCO), Judith Symonds (Strategic Philanthropy Advisor and Lecturer), Mathias Bouckaert (Analyst at the OECD) and Cynthia Guttman (UNESCO). Our sincere appreciations also go to the Organization Committee without whom nothing would have been possible: Alexis Pellier, Zoe Daruwalla, Lou-Anne Petit, Fatima Khalil and Ran Yan.

Congratulations to Bianca Esposto and Caterina Massazza for winning this tight race! They have faced strong competitors who deserve as much recognition.

It’s the (gender) education, stupid! (download here)
Bianca Esposto
Caterina Massazza

Amplifica Team (download here)
Basile Deveaux
Catarina Cerqueira
Jenny Guluma
Laura Lourdelle

Mental Health at University (download here)
Syrine Souissi
Hana El Shamma

MentorEd Initiative (download here)
Dhima Talapatra
Karun Gopinath
Chi Mim
Atma Dinnie
Gayathri Subramaniam
Hafez Abuadwan


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