Deconstructing the Myth – The 1992-1995 Bosnian War: The Many Faces of Women in Conflict

This paper aims to explore the multifaceted involvement of women in conflict, as soldiers and violence perpetrators, as systematic rape survivors and as prominent figures in the state order. By deconstructing diversified identities of women in conflict, it casts an alternative narrative of the Bosnian War. This massacre has been studied from a gender perspective over the years but having women as the subject of rape (as victims or survivors) has always been the overarching theme of the analysis. Regardless of the importance of this portrait, it is fundamental to understand that the involvement of women was beyond that reduction. A depiction of women as commanders, soldiers, rape survivors and activists and the implications of their roles creates a more inclusive narrative for the conflict.

By: Nicole-Alice Chempf

Published on Novembre 24, 2020


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