Role of Conflict and Political Dissent on the Attainment and Quality of Education

This era has marked an increase in student activism and protests happening across the globe. The implementation of school boycotts and unceasing conflicts has severely affected the future of a whole generation of children. The pronounced rise in dissent has led to education becoming a victim of its nationalism. In this paper, we shall discuss the immediate and post effects of civil unrest on the attainment and quality of education which includes differential access to education, impact on the mental and physical health of children and the gap in the learning levels of students in a comparative perspective. The paper follows a three-country case study model wherein each country-Cameroon, Bosnia-Herzegovina and South Sudan shall respectively reveal the educational settings during a conflict, immediately post conflict and after a brief period of conflict.

By: Ludhiya Johnson

Daniella Arrieta, Ju Hee Ann & Lilou Berenguier

Published on February 26, 2021


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