Podcast – Let’s Talk About Development Eps 2 Practical Environmentalism

HDRI is excited to announce its first ever podcast series “Let’s Talk About Development”. Through a series of interviews and conversations we will tackle several topics from GBV to mobilizations and inequalities based on real-life experiences and stories.

As the impacts of climate change intensify with each passing year, more and more young people are joining the movement for positive change. By leading the discussion around climate change, they are also spreading awareness and motivating other to take action.


In this second episode we speak with Isaías Hernández (@queerbrownvegan), ennvironmentalist and educator, on the accessibility of the climate conversation and ways to change the narrative.

The project

“Let’s Talk About Development” is an idea from Nikki Singh as part of HDRI’s Friends Program and was made possible thanks to the amazing work of Minyi Dai, Daniella Arrieta and Rachel Butcher from HDRI’s Communications Team.

Have a project idea in mind ? Please feel free to reach out to us at contact.hdri@gmail.com to further discuss how can HDRI’s Friends Program be a platform to support your innovative ideas !

HDRI’s “Let’s Talk About Development” Podcast Series is available on Spotify. Can’t wait? Listen to the first episode right here :


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