When Work Impacts Mental Health: Burnout, a Silent Crisis in Global Health – A European Analysis

Burnout is silent and – at times – invisible. Exhaustion, depersonalization, and reduced self-esteem are among the main consequences of such work-related stress. As evidence shows, professional distress can provoke serious mental manifestations, as depression disorders and anxiety. In general, when a person experiences burnout, any sphere of his/her life will automatically be influenced by it. In addition, after answering these definitory questions, another case study question will be taken into consideration: do European States properly recognise this syndrome and deal with it? In this regard, social change and transformation in the workplace conditions have led to an increased interest in the burnout topic, with more and more States discussing it at an institutional level, drafting policies to address this syndrome and introducing new working standards. To understand how European States are acting towards a further prevention of work-related stress, different countries will be analysed and final recommendations will be drawn.

By: Barbara Caltabiano

Published on April 2nd, 2021


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