Questioning Peace and Conflict: The War on Trans Women in Brazil

The country of Brazil is considered a peaceful country due to its lack of internal or inter-state conflict. However, the lives of trans individuals, and in particular trans women, are not reflective of a state of peace. Brazil is the deadliest country in the world for a trans person. In fact, a trans woman is murdered every 48 hours in Brazil. Based on the compelling case of trans women in Brazil, this research paper seeks to question the conventional definitions of peace and conflict, draw attention to its shortcomings and explore more inclusive alternatives. As this paper will show, the violent reality of trans women in Brazil is not consistent with its international recognition as a peaceful state.

By: Alice-Nicole Chempf, Janna Fuhrig-Keval & Renee Alissa Mustre del Rio

Published on July 8, 2021


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