Addressing Antimicrobial Resistance: The Indian Perspective

“[Antimicrobial Resistance] AMR, although not a new threat, has become a significant part of the global health canon only in the last few decades. As of now, AMR is the cause of over 700,000 deaths annually, a number that is projected to increase up to 10 million by the year 2050.

[India’s] antibiotic culture manifests itself in unexpected ways across social classes. Doctors report that they feel pressured to prescribe antibiotics for fear of losing a customer, with middle-class consumers even more insistent on what they perceive as their right to antibiotics — regardless of whether the drugs may be relevant to their diagnosis, while consumers from lower-classes may not have the knowledge or vocabulary to demand antibiotics.”

By: Manasvini Moni

Published on 23 June, 2022


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