Ethnic diversity in Global Health: Current discourse and recommendations for a more diverse Global Health System

Ethnic diversity in Global Health (GH) can come in various forms. Two of these are ethnic diversity in the medical profession and ethnic diversity in health-related research. Ethnic diversity in the medical profession has been relatively low up until now. Less than a third of all medical students are Black, Indigenous, or People of Colour (BIPOC). Conclusively, the health workforce looks similar, and BIPOC are generally underrepresented. However, it is evident that a lack of diversity results in decreased access to care and Quality of Care (QoC). Because BIPOC tend to feel misunderstood and not taken seriously by the doctors. The inclusion of BIPOC in the medical profession is realisable through alterations in admission and funding structures and direct student outreach and empowerment.

By Huda Abdel-Rahman

Published on 17 August, 2022


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