Challenges in the implementation of Community-based Protection Interventions in Humanitarian and Development Settings: A Case Study of the Za’atari Refugee Camp in Jordan

‘This policy paper seeks to shed light on the challenges in the implementation of UNHCR’s community-based protection framework at Za’atari refugee camp, Jordan. It does so by investigating the gaps between UNHCR’s community-based protection framework and the activities implemented on the ground by INGOs working as UNHCR’s operational partners. To better understand these dynamics, a literature review was done, alongside in-depth semi-structured interviews with experts working at INGOs in the camp. In line with the literature, the analysis of the interviews has indicated that there is a gap between the theoretical definition of community-based protection and its implementation in the field.”

By Sarah Alhalawani, Damla Çalik, Lorenzo C. B. Gontijo

Published on 23, August 2022


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