Selectivity in the Recognition and Protection of Refugees: An Analysis of the Disparate Treatment of White and Non-White Refugees within the EU Asylum Regime

“This toolkit sheds light on the disparate treatment of refugees entering Europe according to their origin by looking at the recent episodes along the Polish border – on one hand, the border shared with Ukraine, and on the other hand the border shared with Belarus. Through theoretical lenses such as Third World Approach to International Law (TWAIL) and necropolitics, it criticises the EU’s current legal framework regarding its Asylum Policy and recognition of refugee status, and seeks to serve as a resource for the stakeholders involved in the hosting of refugees in Europe as a means to advocate for fair and equal treatment of forcibly displaced people regardless of their background – something that has been seen neither when comparing the Ukrainian flow of refugees to the one from the Middle East and outer region, nor those displaced by the Russian invasion who are White and those who are not.”

By Xander Creed, Bushra Ali Khan, Huda Abdel-Rahman

Published on 23, August 2022


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