The Advocacy Team designs and manages campaigns that allow HDRI to become more active and engaged with local and international communities.

Events are essential to promote the professional development of the organization and raise awareness on current human development issues as well.  Their work is key to motivate people to participate more and become more committed to research and development.

Coordinated by Zoe Daruwalla, the team is formed by three hard-working Sciences Po students. Here are their backgrounds:

  • Lou-Anne Petit

Lou-Anne Petit is a French Sciences Po’s bachelor graduate. Currently enrolled in Sciences Po Paris’ master degree in International Development specialising in Emerging Economies and in Asian studies.

She had the chance to spend one year in China, in Peking University, where she has studied the Chinese economics and its development. In Beijing, Lou-Anne took an active part at the French Tech Beijing and at the We Belong Forum focused on Sustainable Development. During the Bachelor degree, she has volunteered as a coach for refugees in Wintegreat. She is keen to take an academic gap year in Latin America in order to learn more about the economic development of the continent.

She speaks French and English and she is currently learning Chinese and Spanish. She likes to play and watch football. Lou-Anne is also developing a growing interest for environmental studies and is trying to become zero waste.

  • Sarah Zitterbarth

Sarah Zitterbarth is a German political science graduate from the University of Bonn. Currently, she is pursuing the MA Dual Degree in International Affairs between Sciences Po Paris and Freie Universität Berlin. At Sciences Po, she is enrolled in the master program International Development with a concentration in Latin American Studies.

A gap year in Ecuador sparked her interest in the field of international development cooperation. Extensive travels in the region and an internship in a political foundation in Argentina gave her the chance to gain further insights into Latin American politics. She is particularly interested in questions of sustainability and was involved in the preparation process of the SDGs as an intern at the renowned Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies in Potsdam. During her undergraduate time, she worked for Save the Children Germany and she volunteered as a board member for the student association Weitblick e.V., promoting fair educational opportunities worldwide.

Sarah speaks German, English and Spanish and is currently learning French.

  • Fatima Khalil

Fatima Khalil is a member of the Advocacy Team and she is a first year master student in Human Rights and Humanitarian Action, with focuses on Africa and Global Risks. Previously, she studied at the University of Bucharest and she graduated International Relations and European Studies in 2018.

Fatima is half Romanian and half Egyptian and she has been active in various volunteering positions in several NGOs. She speaks Romanian, English and French and currently studying Spanish. She would like to be a human rights advocate and she is a big supporter of the women’s rights movement.