President: Inès Boubaker
Former Urban Governance and Sustainability Coordinator and Researcher



Our president was first in Sciences Po competitive exam, and is currently pursuing a Master in International Development, with a focus on Global Risks and African studies. She joined HDRI after 3 years of « Classes préparatoires », majoring in urban and political geography, as a Secretary General and Research Coordinator of the Urban Governance and Sustainability team. Her team submitted an urban farming project to a World Bank competition, and has been selected to be part of the final round. She has significant experience with research work: in 2015, she has been a research assistant on sustainable development at CIRED, and she has co-written the 2017 report on Energy Access in Africa, in partnership with ADEA and FEEM. Engagement is also one of her key personal features, as she committed in several associations, e.g. Coaching Sciences Po Master, OPALE. She particularly worked on governance schemes, risk management and social exposure at an urban scale, always keeping a geographical perspective. She is currently working at the Resilience Mission in Paris, contributing to the redaction of Paris Resilience Strategy.



Vice President: Meritxell Lluis Gumiel
Former Education Coordinator and Researcher



Our Vice President is a master’s student in International Development at PSIA.  Within HDRI, she is also the coordinator of the Strategic Watch Team. Currently a junior consultant for Care Insight (A consultancy firm that specializes in health and innovation), she works with a broad diversity of clients in many aspects (Research, innovation, management and financial analysis). Her past experience comprise six months of internship with the European NGo EURORDIS, working alongside the surveys’ team to provide information and facts on the rare disease community.
She is specializing in Latin America and Environment. She studied one year at Seoul National University. She was a member of her town halls refugee commission and volunteer for the Catalunya food bank. This experience has motivated her to work on the HDRI’s research project on the prevention of radicalization through the education system.



Advocacy Director: Lois Paatan
Former Campaigner and Urban Governance and Sustainability Researcher



Our Advocacy Director is a master’s student in International Development. Prior to coming to France, she completed a B.A. in Political Science at UT-San Antonio and spent a year in Taiwan under a government-funded scholarship to study Mandarin. She has had 3 years of experience as an editorial assistant for an international academic journal (AJCS), and as a researcher and grader for her university’s Political Science and Geography department. She is currently interning with W4, a crowdfunding platform supporting women and girls’ empowerment.



Internal Affairs Director: YingYin Wu (Wing)
Former Urban Governance and Sustainability Researcher



Our Internal Affairs Director finished her B.A. in Sun Yat-sen University, majoring in journalism, and is currently studying International Development as a master’s student in Sciences Po. She is from Canton, China and has research and fieldwork experiences on African migrants in China for more than one year


Finance Director:
Joséphine Mosset




Our Financial Director is a French-Irish student in the School of Public Affairs’ Global Health Track. She is currently an executive intern in a European NGO based in Paris that fights for the rights of rare diseases patients (EURORDIS). She is specialising in health administration and studied one year in University of British Columbia in Vancouver. Experiences with refugees in Paris through associations and her studies have motivated her to work as the financial director of HDRI.



Publications Director:
Germán Vargas



Our Publications Director is a Colombian student at PSIA, currently studying a Master in International Development. He has a Bachelor and a Master in Economics from the Universidad de los Andes, in Bogotá, Colombia, and he has worked extensively in education, both as a researcher and directly in the field. One of my major interests within the current HDRI’s research in Education and Radicalization is related with the measurement methodologies around radicalization and the different methodologies in existence for the impact evaluation of de-radicalization programs.