Coordinator: Parham Kouloubandi

Having studied Electrical Engineering and West Asian Studies in Munich, Parham Kouloubandi has two main fields of interest, being new technologies with a focus on data mining and the politics of West Asia. In his Bachelor and Master thesis he explored how to exploit the information data sets contain to perform gait analysis and spatial interpolation, while he has also published several articles in German media outlets, featuring various topics related to the West Asian region. He is currently a master’s student in International Security at Sciences Po.

  • Paul Berthe

Paul Berthe is pursuing a Masters in International Development at Sciences Po Paris, specializing in Global Health and African Studies. He completed a BA in Economics and International Development at McGill University. His work and volunteering opportunities have brought him to deal with economics of health and projects exploring alternative livelihood building; experiences he hopes that will allow him to become an agent of change within the fields of market frictions, health strategies and development data analysis.

  • Janina Wietschorke

Before coming to Sciences Po, Janina Wietschorke studied Area Studies Asia/Africa at the Humboldt University of Berlin and the La Trobe University of Melbourne where she mainly specialized in Middle Eastern and South East Asian Studies, as well as the Arabic language.
At PSIA she studies International Security, with a focus on the Middle East and Global Risks. She speaks five languages and is currently learning Russian. She is particularly interested in terrorism, today’s connected main risks and international relations.