Education Research Team

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Education Research Coordinator

Ludhiya is a graduate student of Public Policy and Management at Sciences Po. She will be leading the research team of education at HDRI. She completed her bachelor’s from St. Stephen’s College, University of Delhi and worked with the Government of India as a Public Policy Consultant for three years. She also has a rich experience of working at grassroots with multiple NGOs and organisions.

She believes education is the key to development and through HDRI she aims to contribute towards literature for the provision of inclusive and equitable education. She speaks English, Hindi and two other Indian languages and is currently learning French.

Education Team Researcher

Originally from El Salvador, Daniella Arrieta is a student of International Public Management at Sciences Po, with special focus on Human Rights and Latin America. Before that, she did her undergraduate studies at Sciences Po Euro Latin American campus, earning a BA in Political Sciences.

By joining the Education Research Team she seeks to better understand how education can become a powerful weapon to tackle poverty rates, poor life conditions, violence and inequality in low income countries.

Education Team Researcher

Lilou is a French first year master student at the Graduate School of Public Affairs, majoring in politics and public policy. She completed her bachelor’s degree in social sciences at Sciences Po, while also pursuing a BA in modern literature at the Sorbonne University. She spent the last year in the US, at Wellesley College and the MIT, where she studied feminist theory and linguistics.

Through the research team, Lilou wishes to contribute to fostering inclusivity in education, identifying the barriers that hinder vulnerable groups access to it.

Education Team Researcher

Ju Hee is an exchange student of Political Science and International Relations at Sciences Po and is studying the same field at her home university, Seoul National University in South Korea.

As a research team member of the Education team, she wishes to explore ways to foster inclusivity and equity in education for social minorities and those afflicted by conflict and violence. She strives to contribute to the team through her extensive knowledge on relevant fields including sustainable development, migration and gender equality acquired through experience as the President of the 2018 Model United Nations on European asylum systems and educational / agricultural development projects in Laos.

She speaks Korean, fluent English, and is currently learning French. 

Check out our Education Research page for more information!