Coordinator: Sarah Husain

Sarah Husain is a Pakistani-American masters student in International Security at PSIA. She is pursuing a dual degree with Columbia University. Prior to starting her masters, she worked for 2 years at a government technology company, FiscalNote. Her research interests include counterterrorism in South Asia and the United States, ethno-sectarian conflict and use of technology to counter terrorism and improve governance.

  • Andrei-Bogdan Sterescu

Andreï-Bogdan Sterescu is a graduate student in Public Policy at Sciences Po Paris and the Hertie School of Governance. Previously, he worked as Research Assistant at Médialab Sciences Po and Associate Students Essays Editor at E-International Relations. Some of his main interests include Global Politics and History, Economics and Society, Behavioural Sciences, Science and Technology Studies, Public Policy, and Governance.

  • Elisa Giardino

Elisa Giardino is an Italian graduate student in European Affairs at Sciences Po Paris specializing in the issues of digitalization. She previously studied public policy and sociology both at Sciences Po and the german University of Heidelberg and has shortly collaborated with the French Digital Council. Among her favorite research topics the evolution of modern democracies and the impact of new technologies in the relationship between state institutions and citizenry.

  • Liudas Grigalinus

Liudas Grigaliūnas is a Lithuanian graduate student of Environmental Policy at Sciences Po Paris. His previous experiences include doing comparative research at KPMG, enacting QoL changes in an Energy Company’s Process Management Department and leading work-groups at Green Light for Business organization. He is mainly interested in Development Economics and Green Technologies.