Global Health Research Team

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Global Health Research Coordinator

Vincenzo is a vet by training (University of Bari, Italy) with a PhD in tropical medicine-epidemiology (University of Edinburgh, UK), with extensive experience in research-for-development initiatives in the areas of health, agriculture and livestock in sub-Saharan Africa (e.g. Nigeria and Uganda).

For the past six years, Vincenzo has been leading the research area of Parasitology in the veterinary pharmaceutical multinational Vetoquinol. In addition, in 2016 he co-founded the research unit “USALTI-Afrique” at the University of Salford, in Manchester, UK. USALTI-Afrique focuses on research, education and capacity building in infectious-parasitic diseases of public health and economic relevance to sub-Saharan Africa.

Since 2017, Vincenzo has also been involved as a founding member of the Board of Directors of the “African Institute of One Health Research and Diagnostics (AIOHRD)”, an NGO hosted within the campus of the University of Abuja, in Nigeria. The AIOHRD aims to become a “centre of excellence” in the field of infectious and tropical diseases of humans and animals in West Africa.

Vincenzo is currently taking the one year-Master in Advanced Global Studies (MAGS) at the Paris School of International affairs, with track in International Development, concentration in African Studies and Japanese as a foreign language. In his ‘spare’ time, Vincenzo is also an MC/slam poetry lyricist ( and enjoys writing about his passion for both Africa and Japan on his brand new blog (

Global Health Team Researcher

Giada is a Double Degree student from Milan, Italy. After having completed her first year at Bocconi University pursuing her MSc in Economics and Management of Government and International Organizations, she is now enrolled in the Master in International Development, Global Health concentration, at Sciences Po.

During her Bachelor Degree in International Politics and Government at Bocconi University, she developed her interest in global health by approaching the field from a multidisciplinary perspective. She also participated in an exchange program at Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, where she had the chance to take a passionating course on the Politics of Mental Health.

Giada has joined the Global Health team of HDRI with the hope of exchanging her knowledge and passion with a diverse community of students. She particularly wishes to contribute to research in the field of development assistance for health, from a critical but forward-looking viewpoint. 

Global Health Team Researcher

Wooseop Cha is a student in the International Development Master’s Programme at Sciences Po. Concentrating on the field of global health and African studies, his main research topics are ‘the implementation of public health care policy in developing countries,’ and ‘the impact of the individual’s health on aid efficiency.’

He completed his Bachelor’s degree in Political Science at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, Seoul, South Korea. Before pursuing his degree in Paris, he worked at Carnegie Endowment for International Peace (Washington D.C.) as a research intern for Nuclear Policy Program, and worked as a consultant research analyst for PwC(Seoul). 

Global Health Team Researcher

To have the pen of a journalist, the scalpel of a surgeon and the voice of an advocate — those are the main goals which brought Shirley Chiu from Hong Kong to Sciences Po, as an undergraduate student on exchange. Apart from the courses offered in Sociology, Social Policies and Journalism, don’t be surprised to find her materialising in lectures and seminars related to Global Health.

By joining the Global Health Research Team, she is eager to explore a variety of topics, especially public health controversies, with a bigger picture in mind — to build a strong bridge between medical professionals and the population that they serve, offering more than medical knowledge and skills, but also transparency, credibility, safety and reassurance.

Global Health Team Researcher

Nathalie is a graduate student of International Development at Sciences Po, with concentrations in African Studies and Global Health. After achieving her Bachelor’s degree in Political Sciences of the University of Zurich, she lived and worked in Peru for one and a half years. There she gained rich working experiences in the area of development cooperation, especially in water and sanitation project management.

With the participation in the Global Health Research team, Nathalie wants to contribute to a better understanding of health issues and highlight the importance of adequate policies in this field.

Global Health Team Researcher

Louise is a first year Masters student in Human Rights and Humanitarian Action at the Paris School of International Affairs (PSIA) at Sciences Po Paris, concentrating in Global Health and Global Economy. During her exchange year at Fordham University, she studied anthropology, migration and global health at the Institute of International Humanitarian Affairs (IIHA).

She is interested in the intersection of migration and health issues and public health policies regarding global health crises.

Global Health Team Researcher

Manucheher Shafee is a first-year master’s student of International Development. He graduated summa cum laude in International and Strategic Studies from the University of Malaya, Malaysia. As a researcher, Shafee has acquired professional experience working for the Social and Economic Policy Unit of the Institute for Democracy and Economic Affairs in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

His academic and professional interests lie in the fields of Global Health, Economic Growth and Inequality, and the Political Economy of International Trade.

Global Health Team Researcher

Gergely Varga is a first year Master’s student in the International Development programme at Sciences Po Paris, with a concentration in Global Health. He did his Bachelor’s in International Relations in Budapest where his main area of interest was Global Health as well.

He wrote his thesis on the public health impact of armed conflicts and published two entries (“Ebola” and “Vaccination”) in the Health Security section of the upcoming Palgrave Encyclopedia of Global Security Studies (2021).


Global Health Team Researcher

Ruwa is a Welsh-Pakistani graduate student, currently in the first year of her Dual Degree Masters at Sciences Po and Kings College London, studying International Development and Political Economy of Emerging Markets. Prior to this, she completed her bachelor’s with honours at SOAS, University of London in Economics and Development Studies. She has a wide variety of academic and professional experience, both in the UK and Pakistan. By joining the Global Health Research Team she wishes to contribute towards literature which sheds light upon numerous contemporary issues in South Asia, and delve into the inequalities across health outcomes and their determinants, from nutrition to working conditions. She believes the work at HDRI symbiotically links politics and economics across all the researching themes, making it of importance and interest to everyone. 

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Global Health Team Researcher

Imane is in her first year of a Master of International Public Management’s Sciences Po. She comes from the Paris suburbs and have completed her bachelor’s from the University College of Sciences Po Paris. Imane became attracted to the health field when she realised the huge gap between the health system in France and the health system in her parents’ country — Algeria.

This is one of the reasons she wanted to work in improving access to healthcare in underdeveloped and developing countries. This is why Imane decided  to join the Global Health Research Team. She aims, through HDRI, to contribute to a great initiative. She speaks French, English and Arabic.

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