Global Inequality Research Team

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Global Inequality Research Coordinator

Born and raised in Canada, Jordan began her Sciences Po career at the Campus de Menton. From there she spent her third year at SOAS, University of London studying law and international development. From a young age she’s been fiercely passionate about equality, social justice, and community organizing  and only more recently took interest in the importance of research for setting political agendas, informing best practices for policy-making, and building and reshaping narratives. Some of her interests and past experience include working and doing research relevant to people with disabilities, drug policy, and the labour movement

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Global Inequality Team Researcher

In persistent pursuit of global systemic change, Maria is a passionate believer in the possibility of a more equal and just world. Avenues of change, particularly solidarity and social movements, are at the focus of her research interests. She is excited to be studying her Masters in France, a place where protest is all but unfamiliar, and is looking forward to collaborating with and learning from fellow HDRI researchers from around the globe. 

Quote: “Let’s create a world that values people and the planet over power and profit.

Global Inequality Team Researcher

Remy comes from Washington State and is currently a student in the Master in International Public Management program at Sciences Po. He received a Bachelor of Law in Political Science and Law at Nagoya University in Japan. Before moving to France, he worked as a legislative assistant in the State Senate. Being part of the Inequality research team, he is interested in the social structures that perpetuate inequality.

Global Inequality Team Researcher

Currently a 2nd year student of the Master’s in International Development programme at Sciences Po, Paris, gaining a BSc Economics degree from the University of Warwick has shaped my academic and professional approach. In particular, working as an Analyst at Voluntas Policy Advisory has allowed me to realize the importance of the intersection between data and public policy through a diverse range of development projects in the Middle East and North African (MENA) region. 

Quote: I believe that furthering research on reducing inequalities is one of the best ways to go from theory to implementation when conceptualising development solutions.

Global Inequality Team Researcher

Pathit is a second year master’s student in International Development from Thailand.  Prior to this, he completed his undergraduate degree in economics as part of the Sciences Po – Columbia joint program. He is currently at the Yunus Center in Bangkok as a program manager working in capacity development for social businesses and enterprises.

Quote: Achieving equity in development requires far more than just money; innovations not only within the way we think but also in the way we work together can create ripple-effects and catalyze change.

Global Inequality Team Researcher

Vera is a second year master student in international development at the Paris School of International Affairs majoring in diplomacy and Latin American studies. She is currently interning with the Global Public Policy Institute in Berlin, where she supports the institute’s work on development and humanitarian action. Her research interests include human development, the impact of new technologies on inequality, and the intersection between gender and development.

She holds both a bachelor’s degree in international relations  and a master’s degree in international political economy from the University of Groningen (Netherlands). As part of her studies, she completed an exchange semester in Santiago de Chile and worked at the German embassy in Bogotá, Colombia. For the upcoming year, Vera looks forward to studying the impact of humanitarian and development assistance on inequality in order to propose enhanced frameworks for international action in these areas. 

Global Inequality Team Researcher

Markus Stemeseder is pursuing a master’s degree in law at the University of Vienna and is enrolled in the Master’s exchange programme at Sciences Po. 

After he left his parents’ farm in the countryside of Salzburg for his civil service in Bolivia, he decided to study Law because of its inherent power to shape society, counter inequality and protect human dignity. He specialized in Human Rights Law and gained practical knowledge while working in the Departments of International Law and Civil Procedure Law of the University of Vienna, the Permanent Mission of Austria to the UN and in Asylum Counselling. 

Quote: “Let us create a reality, in which equal freedom is not utopian but its irrevocable foundation.

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