Coordinator: Joaquín Cárceles

Joaquín Cárceles is a Spanish postgraduate student in International Public Management at Sciences Po where he focuses on emerging economies. He has been working as as consultant for the past two years, delivering projects both for the public and the private sector. He previously studied International Business Economics in Barcelona and Hong Kong and is fluent in Spanish, English, French and German

  • Niya Shekerova

Niya Shekerova is a master’s student in International Development at the Paris School of International Affairs. Born in Sofia, Bulgaria and currently working as a Press and PR officer at the World Innovation Summit for Education, she is interested in conflict studies, social well-being and education. She is also a member of the European Horizons Transatlantic think tank.

  • Veera Mo

Veera Mo is a Finnish-Norwegian postgraduate student of International Public Management, specialising in Environment and Agriculture. After completing her undergraduate degree at King’s College London, Veera worked for the Norwegian Solidarity Committee for Latin America. She conducted research in cooperation with grassroots organisations in Central America, followed by advocacy work in Norway. Her research interests center on the intersection of human rights, natural resources and conflict.

  • Louise Bacquet

Louise Bacquet is a 21 year old student at Sciences Po. She’s French and studies the Public Policies and Public Administration master’s degree. She has worked for one year for La Chaîne de l’Espoir on a project for children in Bangladesh and she is very interested in health issues. Hoping to contribute her knowledge to HDRI, she joined this year’s research team and will participate in the Social Well-Being team.

  • Jorge Vazquez

Jorge Vasquez is a student of Political Science and Philosophy at Universidad Diego Portales in Santiago de Chile, now enrolled in a 3rd year study abroad at Sciences Po Paris. He is committed to the study of inequalities in society with previous work in LGBTQ’s human rights at “Iguales” and civic proposals for candidates with “Ciudadano Inteligente”. Currently, he is focused on heterodox economics with “Estudios Nueva Economia” to open up the study of economics.

  • Hendrik Von Schlieben

Hendrik von Schlieben is a postgraduate student in International Development at the Paris School of International Affairs at Sciences Po Paris with concentrations in African studies and emerging economies. Having received his undergraduate degree in Social Sciences from Humboldt University in Berlin, he wrote a thesis on the redistributive impact of democratisation in Argentina and Chile. Previously, he has worked as a research intern at the European Council on Foreign Relations and the German Mission at the UN in Geneva. For his master thesis, he will conduct field research on slum upgrading in Nairobi. 

  • Alberto Bailín Rivarés

Alberto Bailin is a Spanish master’s student in International Economic Policy at PSIA. He obtained his bachelor’s degree in International Business Economics at Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona, spending one semester at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He worked one year as an intern in a Swiss consulting company as a market intelligence analyst for the Spanish and Singaporean markets. After this, he took the position of Project Manager at Sagaci Research, the leading independent market intelligence company dedicated to African and EMEA markets. He was based in Barcelona but had the chance to spend 2 months doing fieldwork in Cairo, Egypt. His main interests are development economics and impact evaluation and he is fluent in Spanish, English, and French.