Coordinator: Muhammad Asad Rafi

Muhammad Asad Rafi is a Masters student in International Security at Sciences Po, with concentrations in Diplomacy, and South and Central Asia. He is a graduate from the Department of International Relations at Bilkent University in Turkey. In the past, he has worked with Islamabad Institute of Conflict Resolution, with research focused on Legality of Drone Strikes in Pakistan, prospects of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor initiative, and interned in Italy where he studied the situation of Pakistani migrants, and also researched on the ongoing Cyprus Dispute. His interests are conflict resolution and its interaction with diplomacy especially in case of Pakistan and India, foreign policy, and sustainable development.

  • Philippa McCue

Philippa McCue is a Masters student in International Security at Sciences Po PSIA, with a particular interest in the security-development nexus. After graduating with a BA in History and Politics from the University of Oxford, she completed internships in Poland and Argentina where she was focusing on the promotion and implementation of the UN’s Sustainable Development Agenda for 2030, particularly on Goal 16: Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions, and wants to continue to work to drive forward this agenda and develop her understanding of what it takes to build sustainable peace.

  • Silvan Lange

Silvan Lange is a first-year master’s student of the dual degree programme in International Affairs at Sciences Po and King’s College. He did his bachelor’s degree in public administration at the University of Twente and the University Münster, where he wrote a thesis on decentralization and public service delivery in Iraq. He is interested in the functioning of institutional arrangements in post-conflict societies.

  • Viktorie Novakova

Viktorie is a Czech PSIA Master student in International Security at Sciences Po with concentrations in migrations and the Middle East. She gained her undergraduate degree in the Middle Eastern studies with a thesis on the Islamic radicalization in Bosnia and Herzegovina. She gained a field experience through her five months long volunteering service in refugee camps in Lebanon, where she worked in Educational and Empowerment center for Syrian refugees. Her main interests are post-conflict societies, humanitarian aid and international development. She is also involved in an association helping refugees and asylum seekers in Paris.

  • Alberto Agnelli

Alberto Agnelli is a first-year Masters student in International Economic Policy at Sciences Po Paris. Previously, he studied at Bocconi University (Milan) where he earned his BSc in International Politics and Government. During his undergraduate studies, he spent an exchange semester at the American University of Beirut and he interned at the Embassy of Italy in Jakarta. His interest is mainly focused on the dynamics of growth of emerging economies and on the impact of globalization on development.

  • Pietro Cesaro

Pietro Cesaro is a Master student in Economic Policy at the University of Lugano, in Switzerland. He is currently writing his thesis on how small developing countries are affected financially by their level of climate vulnerability and the rules of Article 6 of Paris Agreement. He is fond of carbon pricing, which is a market-based tool aiming to ease the way forward to reach the SDG 13: Climate Action. As a matter of fact, he worked as an intern for four months at the UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change), in Bonn; conducting researches for CIACA (Collaborative Instruments for Ambitious Climate Action) and supporting the logistics of the organization of the Regional Climate Weeks in Africa, Asia and Latin America. He previously also worked for a Social Business in Lugano, conducting a research on the state of Corporate Sustainability of the companies in Ticino.