Environment, Climate Change & Energy Research Team



Sofija is a first-year student of the MA in International Economic Policy with concentrations in Global Economy and Methods at Sciences Po. She thinks of development as an innovation that should happen in the interests of a broad range of stakeholders at the local, national, and international levels. She is particularly interested in the relationship between climate change and economic inequality and is a firm believer in the fact that the former cannot be solved without addressing the latter and vice versa.



Ariel is originally from Brazil and she is a first-year Master’s student in International Development, Angela is originally from Spain and she is a Master’s student in International Development at PSIA. She believes that development should rely on the social inclusion of all voices, especially the most vulnerable, to achieve the ultimate goal of equality. Angela is interested in the social changes of the ecological transition, with a special focus on just transition policies.


Bava is currently doing a PhD in International Relations at the School of Global Studies in the University of Sussex. She believes development exists within and alongside modern structures – meaning we need to approach development through an intersectional lens. Race, gender, class, caste, sexuality are just some categories that need to be actively factored into development planning and execution. She is particularly interested in the environment and climate – as on one hand it is noted to be a universal issue, however in reality climate change and environmental issues adversely affect some over others depending on their positionality. Bava aims to highlight these differences in her research.


Emilia is a final-year bachelor’s student in Political and Social Sciences in Milan. For her, development is the peace policy of the future, where no one is left behind.  She is interested in exploring the nexus between climate change and development in emerging countries and understanding how we can move towards more inclusive and sustainable development policies.


Giulia is an M1 student at PSIA with a double degree from LSE, majoring in International Economic Policy with a concentration in Methods. After attending her bachelor’s at UCL in History, Politics, and Economics, she started focusing on environmental economics and the impacts of climate change on the broader economy. For her, development is inclusive and sustainable growth.


Hoor is originally from Jordan and is currently completing her MSc in Environmental Science/Environmental Planning and Management at the IHE Delft Institute for Water Education. For her, development is to be able to sustainably use available resources to reach a community’s full potential, without losing the essence of its culture. She is interested in joining the global effort to turn climate change from a threat to an opportunity in different communities.


Richwell is a graduate of the MSc in Rural Development at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences and a passionate development and humanitarian practitioner. He sees development as an inclusive process that stimulates growth, progress, and positive change across physical, economic, environmental, social and demographic components. He is interested in sustainable development that leads to a rise in the level and quality of life, improves local incomes and opportunities, without damaging natural environmental resources.