Gender Equity Research Team



Lara is a Moroccan student at Sciences Po. She is enrolled in her second year of master in International Security, with a specialty in Diplomacy and Middle Eastern studies. She is passionate about human rights, environmental issues, LGBTQIA rights and feminism. She is also very interested in intersectional studies, and gender-approaches in conflict resolution processes.



Lili is currently a student in the Double Degree between HEC Paris and Sciences Po, as well as the youth Delegate of the French Republic to the Council of Europe. As a convinced feminist, she hopes that her position as a gender equity researcher within HDRI will enable her to analyze and publish policy papers contributing to a fact-based debate around inclusivity in all spheres of society and for all genders.


Jillian is a graduate candidate in Human Rights and Humanitarian Action with Sciences Po. She has applied research experience studying the dimension of gender in migration, public health, and social spheres. As a dedicated anti-racist activist, Jillian seeks to expand the research available on the intersectional discriminations faced by minority women, a field of study which remains critically under-researched.


Eva is a Master student in European Affairs at Sorbonne University and in Development at Panthéon-Sorbonne. Through her studies and professional experiences , she confirmed her interest in public policy and promoting women’s and girl’s empowerment and gender equality in sports.


Aayesha is currently pursuing a PG Diploma in Human Rights Law to expand her field of research and understand various tenets of Rights and Justice. She believes Gender Equity is about Acceptance, Freedom and Inclusion. She is interested and passionate about research in an interdisciplinary analysis of social identities, social inequity and intersectional feminism in South Asia.