Global Health Research Team



Vera studies International Social and Political Studies with majors in Economics and French at UCL and is currently on exchange at Sciences Po Paris. Her interest in development stems from the fact that economic outcomes are directly linked with non-monetary indicators, including global health-related ones, allowing her to apply her studies to make an impact. She is particularly drawn to the Central Asian region and the influence of migration and monetary transfers on economic development.



Huda Is a recent European Public Health graduate of the Maastricht University. She aims to pursue a career in international development in the field of global health. Her current research interests are the impact of gender and ethnic diversity in Global Health.


Originally from India, Manasvini obtained her B.Sc. in Human Sciences from University College London, UK, and is currently pursuing a Master’s in Public Health from the Karolinska Institute in Sweden. She is passionate about finding interdisciplinary solutions to health inequalities, keeping social justice at the forefront.


Originally from Taiwan, Winnie is a first-year Master’s student in the International Development program at Sciences Po PSIA. For her, development is a capacity-building process and needs to be culturally considerate. She believes that health is a human right and she is interested in the nexus of gender, protection, and health.


Originally from South Korea, Yesle is currently pursuing an MPH degree at the French School of Public Health (EHESP) in Paris. As a global health professional, Yesle has an affinity for international development, which she believes plays a pivotal role in fulfilling basic rights of the global community and building a sustainable world. She is interested in promoting universal health coverage through strengthening health systems in LMICs and will focus on the topic for her research work at HDRI.


Zhasmin is from Bulgaria, and she is currently a postgraduate student in European Affairs with a policy stream “Europe in the World” at Sciences Po Paris and a Politics, Sociology and East European studies graduate from University College London (UCL). She is interested in global health governance, and more particularly, disease and healthcare system burdens encountered in Central and Eastern European countries.