WOMEN’S DAY SPECIAL EDITION ・Women in Global and Local Public Spaces: the Power to Reimagine Development

Schermata 2018-03-08 alle 10.42.54.pngHDRI celebrates International Women’s Day by publishing the first special edition of the Strategic Watch Team. This edition focuses on how women’s roles and voices have been renewed in global and local public spaces in the past year, and how it will open a window for change in the upcoming one. Covering topics that we believe are most important to foster development and progress towards gender equality: from the profile of Liberia’s ex-president, the first female head of state in Africa, to the Women4Climate initiative empowering future female leaders in global climate discussions, we will explore how women took action and set critical milestones to pave the way towards a more equal and inclusive society. Every action, every decision is important, since it brings us one step closer to equality.

Download it HERE

In this publication, the entire Strategic Watch Team has worked together.

Coordinator: Meritxell Lluis Gumiel.

Team members: Sarah Thompson, Sofia Morgavi, Sophia Qadir, Fiona Noudjenoume, Vasiliki Malouchou, Kathleen Jack, Federico Mascolo, Gabriela Bernal and Manuel Guerrero.


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