Inclusivity Lab

Inclusivity Lab

Through a partnership with UNESCO, the team will be producing policy briefs consisting of the study and discussion of inclusive policies for multicultural and accessible cities. There will be 3 geographical focuses: Paris, Bogota and Nairobi. The cities, chosen for their very different geographical, cultural, political and institutional contexts, will be analyzed through following question: what kind of inclusive policies would help make these cities more accessible and prepared for hosting a multicultural population capable of living in harmony and stability? Taking into account the complexity of the idea of inclusivity, the research team will be treating the concept through its different dimensions, namely spatial segregation, access to healthcare, energy access and the like.

Learn more about their research: Inclusivity Lab Research Proposal


Internally displaced people and their access to health care in the metropolis: The case of Bogotá (January 2018)

LGBT+ communities and inclusive policies: What are the key challenges in Paris? (November 2017)