SDG Reporting

SDG Reporting

One of the most popular issues in the policy debates nowadays is the impact of climate change, which needs more and more attention. Hence Climate Action is extremely important to be studied. For us, the aim of the research is to find out the vulnerabilities of a country or region under study and see how they are responding to it. Then the important part of the research is to see whether those actions or policies are sustainable or not. Are the policies going to produce positive results? We will be providing policy recommendations and focus on how existing policies can be improved.

The gap we want to fill, by bringing research together and to address the issue that climate change is an issue not limited to one region, but the whole world. Additionally, we want to open the floor to others and invite them to further investigate and build upon our findings.

Research proposal: SDG Reporting Team 18.19

Coordinator: Muhammad Asad Rafi
Researchers: Silvan Lange Pippa McCue Alberto Agnelli Pietro Cesaro Viktorie Nováková


Publication 1 (XXX 2019)