Social Innovation Competition 2019

Social Innovation Competition 2019

If you think that Education is a major development tool…
If you believe that Education is underdeveloped globally…
If you rise up to challenges and take initiative…

WELCOME to the Social Innovation Competition 2019!


The HDRI major 2019 event’s topic is about `Education as a Developmental Tool’. Three teams are rising up to the challenge and will pitch the idea in front of an audience.

Meet bright students proposals facing a jury panel from the OECD, the UNESCO and the academia.

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Our competiting teams have identifiied an issue in the Education field and will propose solutions. You will be part of the process by listening and challenging them on their ideas.


All the participants’ proposals will be showcased under our website.
They might be transmitted to organizations working in the field.

All the participants will receive a certificate for their hard work and the completion of our Public Speaking and Social Innovation workshop.

Panel of Experts

Andreas Schleicher, OECD Director of Education and Skills
Mathias Bouckaert, OECD Directorate for Education and Skills
Mark West, Education Specialist at the UNESCO
Judith Symonds, Strategic Philantropy Advisor at JCS International and Lecturer at Sciences Po

This is a unique opportunity to broaden people’s knowledge and to raise awareness of unheard problems as well as unique solutions!

Save the dates!

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Event: Friday 12th of April 2019, 7 pm

*If you are not a Sciences Po student, you are an external delegate.