Social Well-Being

Social Well-Being

With urbanisation on the rise, maintaining the well-being of citizen in large cities will pose significant administrative challenges. Notwithstanding the importance of individual factors, well-being is influenced to an extent by external factors that can be adjusted by policies for which they however require instruments evaluating their impact.

This research introduces one method to that end that uses geo-spatial data to estimate well-being in an urban context. The project will comprise the identification of pertinent factors, the extraction of relevant datasets and a regression analysis to obtain an empirical equation that uses this information as input and gives as output a quantized statement about well-being. This will be done first for cities and then fine-tuned to single areas within cities which is a rather new approach. The overall aim is to introduce a reproducible, precise method to assess well-being as induced by an urban environment.

Research proposal: Measuring Social Well-Being 18.19

Coordinator: Parham Abrahan
Researchers: Janina Nannuszka Wietschorke Paul BC


Publication 1 (XXX 2019)