HDRI welcomes research-based articles on topics related to human development that engage with current policy affairs. Selected manuscripts should be original, informative and contribute to advancing social change.

Students, practitioners and researchers can submit articles on a rolling basis to submissions@hdevri.com. Each piece will be subject to a peer-review process, through which editors will provide commentaries and potential suggestions for the author’s review before final submission for publication.

All articles must observe the following guidelines:

  • Between 500-1000 words.
  • Word format.
  • Research-based, linked to the theme of human development.
  • Include a title, and a concise abstract of 30-45 words.
  • Provide references to authors cited in embedded hyperlinks or Chicago style footnotes.
  • Tables, figures and pictures must be submitted with 600 dpi quality and in JPEG or PNG formats. They have to be referenced if the author is not the owner, and must not infringe any copyrights.
  • Target audience is diverse and global, so avoid the use of jargon vocabulary.
  • First paragraph should provide an overview of the theme, while the end of the article should include policy recommendations, or a resolution to the challenge the piece is addressing through a call to action.
  • Submissions should be anonymous during peer-review process, so do not include your name in the word document. After acceptance of the article, we will ask for the full name, picture and short biography of the author.

We will confirm the receipt of each article, and will respond to every author within 10 days. If you have any further questions, please e-mail us at submissions@hdevri.com.