HDRI welcomes research-based articles on topics related to human development that engage with current policy affairs. Selected manuscripts should be original, informative and contribute to advancing social change.

Each piece will be subject to a peer-review process, through which editors will provide commentaries and potential suggestions for the author’s review before final submission for publication.

All external contributions should have an abstract of 400 words max. The abstract should briefly outline the purpose of the research, the approach and methods, the main findings and conclusion. While all article styles are invited to apply with Human Development Research Initiative (HDRI) and originality is encouraged. We are looking for the mid-way point between an academic report and a well-researched op-ed.

All articles must observe the following guidelines:
  • Word limit: 2500 words max
  • Topics:
  • Word document: 2.5 cm each side
  • Characters: Times New Roman, size 12 pt line spacing: 2.0
  • Abstract word limit: 400 words max
  • Title of the Paper: Times New Roman, size 16 pt
  • Abstract: Times New Roman, Italics, size 12 pt, simple line spacing
  • Tables: Title, Source and numbering (Table 1, Table 2..)
  • Numbering of Pages: Centered at the bottom of the page
  • Keywords: up to 5 (divided into columns)
  • Bolding, Italicization, and Underlining: Use Minimally (Bolding for Key Words; Italicization for Emphasis)
  • Alignment: Justified
  • Style of English: UK English
  • Quotations: Foreign language quotation must be translated; over 4 lines must be formatted into a block quotation
  • Title page
    • Author(s): SURNAME (capitalized), First name (lower-case)
    • Position/Grade: Professor, researcher, other (to be specified)
    • Affiliation: University, faculty, city, country
    • Email address
  • Page 2
    • Abstract in English
    • Keywords (in English)
  • Page 3: Structure
    • Introduction
    • Title of each sub-section
    • Conclusion
    • References
Citation Style
  • Chicago 17th Edition (Footnotes)
  • Footnotes and Bibliography NOT included in word count
  • Every figure and table must be cited in text
  • External data to be provided in annex (i, ii… n)
Acronyms, Abbreviations, and Technical Terms
  • It should not be assumed that your reader knows these terms
  • Less than 6 acronyms/abbreviations/technical terms should be defined between (brackets) the first time that they appear in the text
  • More than 6 terms should be defined in a separate section on page two below the keywords on page 2
Acceptable Sources
  • Reputable news sources, peer-reviewed journals, or internationally/domestically reputable organizations (OECD, IMF, UN etc.)

We accept submissions on a rolling basis. The verification, editing and publishing of each one of the pieces is subject to each theme’s calendar.

We will confirm the receipt of each article, and will respond to every author. Please e-mail your abstracts to