Technology for Development

Technology for Development

Technological advancements are rapidly changing the way the world works but at different rates between countries. As technological advancement contributes heavily to economic development as well as social change, the Global South is investing more into science and technology to close the gap. But who are the actors investing in that change? Are they state or private sector actors?

To answer these questions, we will explore and analyse patterns of behaviour in the interactions between least developed governments, as well as in the relationship with both their citizenry and the international development agencies active in their territory.

We want to contribute to a better understanding of technological developments in the Global South and reinforce positive behaviour by identifying ways for developing countries to close the technological gap with developing countries. We hope this will contribute to closing of the overall development gap.

Research proposal: Technology for Development 18.19

Coordinator: Sarah Husain
Researchers: Elisa Giardino, Andrei Sterescu and Liudas Grigaliunas


Publication 1 (XXX 2019)